About Us

Our life is like a book that reopens with a new page daily. When we see ourselves in the light of that book, we find a curiosity that what is inside us? We need to revise our life book, it will establish that who we are and with what aim. Have we landed only to live a common life, work like a machine and associate our life span in mechanized way that we are supposed to do few earmarked functions only? Have we tried to take inside review that what we learn any newer thing or what we saw? Every one of us is blessed with a specialty to prove and perform. We come to know through inside look that what sparks are suitable for us.

Based on our ability, when we made self comparison, we get the right flank to do with our best. It shows that if we do a work differently, do experiment with risks, we can show a new way to rest of the world. Routine works can also be discharged with a different system of approach.

Basically, majority of people view the shining moon with its milky light but there are only few people who look at the root causes. These people want to know that what things make moon so shiny. This attempt takes them against the stream and establishes differently.

Thinking this way is the base of my creativity and the foundation of my organization too. I want to introduce the world with such a scene that is extremely different than what is shining only, I want to establish a totally different ideology, I want the world can be able to see a cross view at same time.

We are inclined with a limited viewing capacity and we can’t move beyond. But whenever we see this amazing world from a certain height, we put a new angle to analyze the available things in our surroundings. It enables us to judge the happenings in our surroundings. This clear view also established the fourth dimension. We try to pick a work from our surrounding and put it before the world with new energy.

This is the ideology and foundation of “Excellent Movies” to unveil the art through our organization in a new flavor.

An artist is blessed with unlimited heights of thinking and able to access the places which are quite difficult to be explored by common people. While watching a movie, we generate resemblance with the artist performing on screen and feel his story as our own. This generates a feeling of doing the similar things because every one of us is inclined with art. This natural instinct connects us with the artist performing.

Many often we see, that world rejects the newer thoughts and don’t want to come out from comfort zone. But later, people recall the innovation they refused. Such innovations create history and establish the concerned person as hero.

We are launching our new banner based on this ideology, namely “Excellent Movies”.

Dinesh Channdra
Excellent Movies